Mario Ramirez-Arrazola

New York, New York
Salt Lake City, Utah

“If I want to eat some gingerbread, I choose a piece that is quite plain, and not in the shape of a heart or a baby or a horseman, and gilded all over. The man from the fifteenth century will not understand me. But all modern people will.”

- Adolf Loos, 1908

is a second-year M.Arch graduate student at Columbia GSAPP. He has an M.A. in the history of technology and science from the University of Oklahoma and a B.S. in economics from the University of Utah.

His most recent architectural musing was the design of a speculative NASCAR Super Speedway located at the Bonnevile Salt Flats.

He is currently an adjunct lecturer in history at Montclair State University; he also works as a tutor for the GSAPP Writing Center.

In general, his academic research concerns the relationship between art and technology in the postwar United States. He wrote his thesis on Allan Sekula, an American photographer and critic.

Mario is interested in design that is culturally, socially, and historically informed. His process is interdisciplinary and tends to integrate a myriad of visual culture.